Skip the school photos

I felt freedom when Phoenix brought home his school photos form and it actually had an option to choose “I do not want my child photographed”. HOORAY! He asked what he should say if they asked why…I think I listed about three very snobby (and sarcastic) answers to give, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t say any of them.  But I was able to bribe him into wearing sweats on “picture day” so that later on in the week I could have him wear nice clothes that I picked out for a real photo.  The deal was also in wetting down his hair, he obliged.  As I say in my style guide I give to all my clients – I LOVE the lighter colors for clothing.  They make the photograph brighter and dreamier:) 

I had a real hard time convincing him to not show too much of his very new “one less tooth” smile, but it made for good memories and documentation. It’s so cute too!!!

Adelaide does whatever her brother does. She usually isn’t too hard to convince to do things, but in this case she was in tears! It was windy and cold and she was all frowns.  The tears are coming…

See?? All frowns, hilarious!  I’m getting this one over my mantle.

 So the moral of the story is: just say no to school pictures.  Schedule a mini Spring shoot!! Details to come…

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The Almost Family Reunion (Baxter Family)

I call this the almost family reunion because I think family reunions are technically when family comes from far away to see each other when they haven’t seen each other in a while.  Totally not this case (they all live close!) but with this many families coming together it felt that way.  This was such a fun location and I LOVE how everyone dressed, I think I kept saying that over and over again.  Perfect example of how to dress for your family photo shoot.  Every year the grandparents and kids with their grandkids come together to get this one shot and this year they wanted the shot and then some more.  I hope these photos bring you many happy memories for years to come! I really do think that getting photos taken help us love and appreciate our families a little more – and everyone could use a little of that in their lives.  Thank you guys so much!










baxterwebsite-75Location: Myers Park & Event Center in Celina.

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Happy Sweet 16 Esha!

Happy sweet 16, Esha! Turning 16 is a big deal and Esha had a really fun party for her friends.  This was fun and you get photos to remember this special time! It’s much more relaxing to hire a photographer and enjoy the moment yourself than to worry about getting all the photos you want to remember this special time. Happy Birthday! 







Thank you so much for letting me apart of your special day! 

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Thomas Christmas

It really is special when I get to photograph a family over and over.  It helps to know the kids to get them to open up to me! These are some shots of the Thomas’ kids that I’ve photographed before for their Christmas photos.  Thank you!!! 





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New Location Spot

So I was driving around town trying to find a perfect location spot for a senior session and someone suggested St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Plano.  I immediately took Adelaide and it was SUPER (drool worthy) AWESOME! There were no other photographers there so I felt like I hit the jackpot.  I took some shots of Adelaide and texted my photographer friend.  Turns out – this location spot is not a secret! When I went back for the senior session there were four other sessions there at the same time! But still very pretty! I recommend this location for seniors, couples, and individual kids.

st andrews gardens 

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I feel like I’ve completely neglected updating here! Fall is a super busy time for getting everyone in who wants Christmas photos.  I’ve been super grateful for everyone who has supported me this year.  It has definitely exceeded my expectations of opening business year 1 in Dallas! 

Here are some shots from a sweet family session.  Everyone always is sad when their photo day has no sun, but cloudy days are so great! There is no longer limited options for location spots for photos – it’s almost endless with even sunlight from head to toe.  






Location: Castle Hills, Lewisville Texas

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Kayla Senior Shots

I had such a fun time photographing Kayla! She has a beautiful smile and awesome red hair! Here is one of my favorites from our session yesterday at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Plano.  She is graduating from Hebron High School this year.  Can’t wait to post more.  Thank you so much! 

Kayla senior photos

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Couple Outfit Pick for Fall Photo

Hi there! This is the third in the series of What to Wear/Styling your Photo Session.  You can find the other posts directed at what women should wear here and then for the guys here.  Hope this helps you decide what to wear and bring to your Fall Photo Session! 

Here is a gorgeous pick for those of you wanting style options for your fall photos.  I love the pumpkin color of this dress! I wanted to give you some afforadable options for you to choose for your session if you were thinking of purchasing instead of renting clothes and accessories.  Some of these types of items you might already have or could borrow from.  I would feel self-conscious with the opening of the dress so I’d chose a simple lacey top to go on underneath.  orangedressgreysuitcombo


The Look List: 

Forever 21 Contemporary Maxi Dress $29.90 Color: Ginger

Forever 21 Faux Suede Strappy Stilettos $24.90 Color: Blush

H&M Suit Pants Slim Fit $34.99 Color: Dark Gray

H&M Blazer Slim Fit $69.99 Color: Dark Gray

H&M Men’s Shoes:Monkstrapps $49.99 Color: Dark Cognac Brown

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Men: What to wear; How to Style Your Photo Session

Yesterday I wrote a post about what Women should wear.  In short I recommended renting long dresses, but you should really head on over there to read the post.  It was a little harder to find rental options for guys, but there are some great options out there.  I’ve gotten ahead of myself, so let’s start with the basics.  

What to wear: 

Men looks best in fitted pants and closed toe shoes.  That is the most masculine look out there, and I don’t think it’s going out of style.  Fitted pants make men look slimmer and draw your eye away from legs and onto the guys handsome face.  You’ll want to leave baggy pants and flip flops at home. If you follow what I said for the ladies then you’ll probably want to leave the jeans at home too.  Solid shades of gray, navy, brown, and black photograph really well.  If you’re being photographed with someone else then coordinate with them on which color of solid to wear.  For instance, if they’re wearing more black, then choose grey or black to coordinate.  Plaid patters and most pinstripes attract too much attention, stick with solids.  

Even if it’s really hot it’s okay to suffer for an hour or two! It will also help scheduling your photo session at the golden hours, which will be less hot. (Pss! I’m planning a blog post about that soon too!). Bring layers into the mix.  You can bring vests, different ties, coats, v-neck sweaters to go with the look.  You can add these on (or take off) to create the illusion of a different outfit.  If two outfits are too stressful, stick to just one.  


Accessories aren’t just for the ladies.  Colored socks, suspenders, vests, watches, pocket square can be great compliments to the outfit.  These can be borrowed from friends or rented. Leather dress shoes photograph the best.    


In general women are more excited for photographs more than the guys.  If you’re a lady reading this, explain to your guys why you’re getting the photographs and why they matter to you.  I have a lot of tips for guys to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  I always tell the guys that I know how to make them look cool.  

The How: 

Some guys don’t have clothes like I just mentioned.  It’s okay! A photo session is a time that you can totally ask to borrow or rent! When we lived overseas a Chinese photographer wanted to photograph our family in these awesomely cheesy matching white shirts with bowties and jeans.  My husband, at that time, didn’t own a pair of jeans.  He (luckily!) found a friend who was his same size to borrow a pair of jeans (not an easy task when you’re 6’4″ in China).  The friend totally didn’t care.  Most people won’t care.  If this isn’t an option then consider renting from The Black Tux.  They have more than just tuxes.  Maybe you have the nicely fitted pants and you’re looking for an accessory item like this…

vest to rent from black tux

I think this beige vest would look great paired with the dress I posted in the What Women Should Wear post

Both vests are $15 to rent each! That’s such a great deal! 

Here’s the funny family photo of the “borrow jeans incident”.  Don’t notice my husband’s shirt too small and riding up! famphotoweb-3

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Women: What to wear. How to Style your Photo Session

I’m starting a series of post about what to wear to a photo session.  It can be a really really hard task.  You finally schedule a photo session but then you have to decide what everyone is going to wear.  If you have a family shoot that can be really daunting because you have so many people to worry about!  I’m here to help!

I’m going to start first with the ladies.  This advice can be for engagements, solo-shots, or family photos.  I really want you to have the best experience and the best photos and I think it may start with dressing the part.  These tips are here so that you can get the MOST out of your portrait experience!

Don’t be afraid to look the part! 

I look in my closet and think I don’t have anything to wear but did you know you can RENT awesome clothes at really affordable prices? Don’t be afraid to rent something.  It can really make your photo session look awesome, just the way you want it to look. These examples are from Dress Lily and Rent the Runway.  Clients also have loved buying one (or two!) things to update their wardrobe.

Spliced Back Plunging V Criss-Cross Maxi Dress

Quick Tip:  Long dresses flatter a women’s body.

I recommend saying no to shorts (and even pants) for portrait sessions for the ladies.  Long dresses photograph really well.  If you have a family session you’re likely to be sitting on the ground with kids piled on top of you.  The longer dress allows for easier movement with kids.  With engagement session, longer dresses will flatter your figure and also get the “spinning effect”.  Also, high heels make women’s legs look longer.  We all want some of that, right? On these sites you can also rent heels.  Friends are also good places to ask to borrow shoes.  Chances are they won’t be wearing the heels at the same time.

If the idea of bringing two outfits is two stressful, then stick to one.


My recommendation for this would be choose softer and lighter tones.  These will bring in the most light to your photographs to make your skin look awesome.

Flattering your figure: 

In talking to many women I find that all women have self-conscious parts of their bodies.  My recommendation would be to choose clothes that compliment your natural features and don’t highlight those features you’re concerned about.  That is the best way to look back at the photos and love the way you look in them.  Wear 3/4 sleeves if you want to slim down your arms.  You can also bring a jacket or sweater to go along with your outfit.  Strapless and halter tops have the opposite effect, so stick with sleeves for a set of slimmer arms.

Tip: Bring a pair of comfortable flip flops or flats to put on when moving from one location to the next.


Bring accessories to flair up your already awesome outfit.  This can be a necklace, bracelet, belt, or hats.  These can also be borrow from friends or rented.

To make your session unique you can bring something extra to your session.  Think of something that has a wow factor. This can be balloons, chairs, baskets with flowers.  It’s a good idea to bring a blanket that will look nice with what you choose to wear.  I love lighter color blankets because they photograph really well.  You could also pull together people you know and ask about a vintage car or bike to bring.

Hair and Makeup:

This may be the time to treat your self to professional hair and make-up.  It may just take the stress of the day.  Don’t you feel like a million bucks when a professional has done your hair? If you get your makeup done, tell them to apply your make up in natural light if possible.


So in a few words that’s my recommendation.  I want you to feel and look like a million bucks! This is a special moment to document and I can’t want to get that started for you.

Here’s the 2nd in the series: What Men Should Wear/Style Advice

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