Dean and his Family

I’ve been (surprisingly!) busy lately with photography things. Before I post any of that I wanted to share a few from a few weeks ago of Dean’s first birthday shoot with his family.   His sister, Bailey is so cute! We had a good time talking about all the funny things in the Octonaut show.  Dean wasn’t super into his cupcake but it’s cool because he loved the flowers in the field.  I’m not sure if they were actually wild flowers or weeds, but they’re pretty! Thank you so much guys…or ya’ll – I’ve got to embrace the Texas lingo.








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Dean 1 year

So my last post was Dean’s birthday party and here is Dean’s first year photo shoot.  He was such a good sport about things.  His outfit is so cute and he is so very handsome.   More to come but I wanted to post a sneak peek for now.



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Dean’s First Birthday Party

So here it is, I’m starting photography again! I’m so happy to be back after three years of living overseas.  A place feels like home when you get invited to parties, right? I don’t think I even wore shoes to this party because it was just next door! Happy first birthday baby Dean! When is a baby not a baby anymore? After 1, 2, 3? When they can walk? talk? I’m not sure.  But I am sure Dean is super cute! I love seeing the progression of babies get into their birthday cakes.  So fun!




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Babies Like it Hot

I know that the hotter the better for taking newborn photos. I always tell clients to boost up the heat in their home before I come over to take newborn photos. Someone told me that Anne Geddes has her studio at 90F! Well here’s proof that 90F is the magic temperature. This little guy just slept in this basket the whole time I photographed him. For the 40 minutes I was photographing him I was dripping in sweat but he was just snoozing away! (It was probably 99% humidity too, yuck!)

So here is my parenting advice on how to get your baby to sleep; forget about going for those long drives try cranking up the heat.

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Boys will be boys

It has been a while since my last post on here! Moving overseas has definitely been hard finding opportunities and the time to take photographs. Last week I took my son (now a year and a half) for a mini session.  I found this beautiful location but he wasn’t cooperating. I really needed some back-up to be my entertainment! It definitely captures his personality, I just wish his hand was somewhere else!

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Ordinary Objects

So since making photography a hobby I’ve been brainstorming of how to do this. I immediately threw out the idea of taking a photo a day, I just know how I am. That would probably last me a good four or five days and I’d be overwhelmed I’d give up all together. So I’ve come up with taking photos of ordinary objects. So I can do this when I have some free time and I won’t feel guilty if I do this every once in a while!
So the first objects…

A teething toy, not for me for my son, really. Who needs teething toys when most babies just like to teeth on anything but toys? I mostly like the contrast of the colors and whites in this photograph. I love how white whites can get. So fresh! I wish I hadn’t cut the circle of the toy off though.

While I did say these are ordinary objects I do realize that most of you may not think that a pager is an ordinary object. Don’t you have one? Who has pagers anymore you might ask. Drug dealers, the mafia, El Chupacabra?
I recently acquired one of these caveman like devices from the nursery where Phoenix is spending most of his days (we’re in limbo at training in Virginia). They page me if he needs something, like his teething toy.
No they actually don’t page me if he would need his teething toy (that would be ridiculous) but I just thought that would be a good conclusion to this. You get this point.

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B&W is superior

B&W is superior – an overstatement but how beautiful are B&W photos?
I took both of these while we were in Honduras. The first one we had been on a mini backpacking trip and had started off early. This was the view hiking back into town. The other one is of a apartment or store front in the town of Gracias, Honduras. Both of them have luscious clouds, my favorite thing to photograph! My favorite (and hardest!) thing about B&W photos is getting the perfect range of blacks and whites with all the right grays in-between.

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Finally a Hobby

So I have finished my last photo session and am almost done with the last wedding edits for Kaitlin Roten Photography. It is a sad ending, I had so much fun getting to know lots of people and doing what I love. Because I have done Photography for business I have lost having Photography as a hobby. Now that I’m not shooting and editing for other people I can do it for ME! So excited!
Last September I tagged along with Courtney Navey who is so good (I just got lost in his blog getting the link to put in mine!) to shoot a lovely Hindu wedding. I hadn’t made the time to even look at the photos until several days ago – a good ten months later! When I got back from the wedding I kept telling Thomas all about it – especially hot laid back the ceremony was. Everyone was talking during the ceremony, people were coming up to the bride and groom, and as a Photographer I could get as close as I wanted! It was a dream come true! I don’t think I accurately verbally portrayed how laid back it was until I showed Thomas the photo of the groom chatting on his cell phone during the ceremony and then passing it to his bride, ha! I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the couple. They were so naturally beautiful and then they had gorgeous outfits on with the bride having ornate detail everywhere! I’ll be posting a few here and there with captions to let you know what was happening. Enjoy, and here is to Photography being my hobby again!

I love this photo because the groom is in the middle and he is turning to see his beautiful bride walk to him.

This is the groom talking on his cell phone!

I’ll post more of the great dancing they had before the ceremony in the parking lot and of the ceremony next. Thanks for looking!

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Silas turns 1!

I have loved seeing Silas from when he was inside his Momma’s belly to now at 1-year-old! During the session I showed Courtney and Alan some of the photos on the back of my camera and they both said how old he looked in them! We had fun with cake and then I don’t remember why but Silas started crying, which is pretty funny with cake all over his face. How great is his shirt? Happy Birthday!

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Gwen + Shawn

Last month I took a trip up to the DC area and met a great couple, Gwen and Shawn (I also chopped off all my hair!). They’re getting married 11/26/2012 in Pennsylvania. We went around Old Town Alexandria to do an engagement session. Old Town is such a great spot for an engagement session! Isn’t Gwen’s hair the BEST?! I get asked why 2 hours is best for an engagement session. The last photo in this post is one of the last photos we took. I think it shows how much couples relax after about two hours and the results that come from it!

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