Happy 16th Allyson

The lovely Allyson! Allyson is turning 16 on Thursday.  She’s so gorgeous! The first thing I noticed about her were her lovely eyes.  She definitely rocks the smiling with the eyes look.  I love this first posted photo.  It actually was one of the last photos I took.  If I was granted a photographer’s wish I would want my clients to be relaxed like they are at the end all throughout the session.  Magic happens in those last moments.  It’s so wonderful. It’s the culmination of photographer and client getting to know each other to create a great comfortable experience.  Happy birthday Allyson! I hope you have an awesome day relaxing at the spa.





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Sample Wedding Images


Some of the images have my previous business logo on it (2point5d).  All images were taken by me, Kaitlin Roten.

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Sarah’s Mini Maternity Shoot 2

After looking through and editing these images I just thought they were too beautiful and sweet not to share!


Hello baby brother!



You guys look great!


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Ridge Graduation

Here are the photos from The Ridge’s Graduation.  There have been some technical difficulties so I apologize that these are up a few days later than I had expected.  Enjoy! Click on the image to enlarge.  Congratulations little 4s!

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Mini Maternity Session

I photographed Sarah and her family in an especially awesome location, you would never know we were in the heart of suburbia!  Sarah is 8 months pregnant and according to her daughter, Chloe, she’s going to have a baby sister (it’s actually going to be a brother) and she’s going to be named Guacamole (Caleb).  So stay tuned for family photos from this session and maybe soon (!!!) newborn photos of baby Guacamole.



Thanks for an awesome location and for sharing your great family with me! Years will pass by and it will be hard to remember “life before Caleb” so hopefully these photos will preserve special family moments of just the three of you.

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Chris and Jenn’s Wedding

Several weeks ago I had the best (best!) time photographing with Rachel Robinson.  The day was filled with many Cambodian clothing changes from the bride, Jenn.  I saw a few of the dresses and they were so so so so so very pretty.  The reception was held at the Zander house.  Totally an unexpected beauty of a place.  And I have spent my fair share enjoying Asian food and this place was legit.  Here are a few shots from that day.  Congratulations Chris and Jenn! Thank you to Rachel Robinson!









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Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Sale


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Dean and his Family

I’ve been (surprisingly!) busy lately with photography things. Before I post any of that I wanted to share a few from a few weeks ago of Dean’s first birthday shoot with his family.   His sister, Bailey is so cute! We had a good time talking about all the funny things in the Octonaut show.  Dean wasn’t super into his cupcake but it’s cool because he loved the flowers in the field.  I’m not sure if they were actually wild flowers or weeds, but they’re pretty! Thank you so much guys…or ya’ll – I’ve got to embrace the Texas lingo.








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Dean 1 year

So my last post was Dean’s birthday party and here is Dean’s first year photo shoot.  He was such a good sport about things.  His outfit is so cute and he is so very handsome.   More to come but I wanted to post a sneak peek for now.



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Dean’s First Birthday Party

So here it is, I’m starting photography again! I’m so happy to be back after three years of living overseas.  A place feels like home when you get invited to parties, right? I don’t think I even wore shoes to this party because it was just next door! Happy first birthday baby Dean! When is a baby not a baby anymore? After 1, 2, 3? When they can walk? talk? I’m not sure.  But I am sure Dean is super cute! I love seeing the progression of babies get into their birthday cakes.  So fun!




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