Zack and Lyssa Sneak Peak

I’ve been looking forward to photographing in Dallas for a while now! There are so many nooks and crannies of great spots! I had such a fun engagement session today with Zack and Lyssa.  We started out at Klyde Warner Park (photos to come!), went to Bishop Arts to snag this heart shot, and then to the great Deep Ellum.  It was a long wait to meet this couple and they exceeded my expectations in awesome-ness. I’m so excited to share this sneak peak but can’t wait to post more! Congratulations Zack and Lyssa!

bishop arts hearts sign

engagement couple in deep elllum

engagement couple in deep elllum

engagement couple in deep elllum

engagement couple in deep elllum

“you + me = <3” at 504 N Madison Ave, Dallas
“Forever” at July Ave, Dallas
“Deep Ellumphants” at 3501 Main Street, Dallas

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Boyea Spring Session

Spring is in the air! And so are the Texas blue bonnets.  One of the best things about my job is seeing little ones grow up before the camera! I photographed little Caleb when he was a newborn and again at 4 months and now he’s such a big guy at 8 months! Hair and all! 

family photo

Every mom needs a photo like this with each of their kids.  Everything about this photo is so beautiful!! 
mom and baby

siblings by barn

Usually monogrammed clothing pieces bunch up and the initials are really hard to read in photographs-
but these were so great! kids in basket by barn

baby boy

Location: AW Perry Homestead Museum in Carrollton

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What to wear to your mini-sessions: the men

So you tell your significant other you’ve just scheduled a mini-session with me for spring photos…and he totally rolls his eyes, right? It’s ok! I’m here to help! After booking you’ll receive my complimentary style guide that’ll help you have the right tools to ease his eye rolls. 

When you (and him!) look back on your photos you won’t even remember how he whispered under his breath when you told him about getting photos done.  What you’ll see are AWESOME photos of you and your family that you’ll love for all of time.  They won’t just look awesome, you’ll have a GREAT experience on the shoot to change his experience of having photos taken.  Promise.  

I really think having family photos help you love and appreciate your family even more.  We all need a little more of that in our lives, right? 

Did you see my tips about what women should wear to your spring session? And kids

The most important tip for you guy is TAILORED! Tailored pants will make him look like a hot stud. Because it’ll be spring (and super hot in Texas already) you can have him wear a tailored short sleeve shirt.  If your husband is anything like mine, he gets super grumpy when he’s hot.  So just leave the grumpiness at home and have him wear a tailored short sleeve dress shirt (plain colored or very light pattern).  If he doesn’t have a tailored short sleeved one, go for a long sleeved one.  Tailored is just that important.  You can find affordable examples from H&M, Target, and Old Navy.  

Next time you walk by a JCrew store you’ll see the models have several layers on at a time.  This looks really awesome.  Tell him he’s going to look like a hot stud if he does this.  OR – tell him you want him to try this look so that you can see IF he can look better than the models – guys LOVE competition! 

Read these tips here that I provided earlier about how to style your guy.

So only if he will wears a sports coat can these shirts be successfully pulled off.  You also have to look at any other pattern that you have going on in your family’s clothing choices.  But I think these are stylish examples of what your man can wear.  Pair them with tailored (SLIM) pants and brown closed toes dress shoes to look like a hot stud.  Remember – photo sessions are totally ok to beg and borrow clothes and accessories from friends.  

Guy shirt #1: Slim fit Indigo Patterned Shirt $22
Guy shirt #2: Slim Fit Classic Shirt $12-24.94
Guy shirt #3: Slim fit floral shirt $15.00-20.00
Linen blend blazer $69.94

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What to wear to your family mini-session: kids

Did you see my recommendation for what to wear to your mini-session? I laid out a solid outfit for you! It’s super great! You’ll look A-MAZING!!! I also will post about what your guy should wear..stay tuned.  

So then what do  you put your kids in? You’ll definitely look so super great if you follow my lead in what you’ll wear, so your kids need to follow suit as well.  I’d recommend going with the same foundations what I say for mom and dad.  Mom looks best in dresses (maxi in length if you have squirmy ones that you’ll have to chase after) or skirts — both with heels.  Dad looks most masculine in a tailored shirts and tailored pants.  Same goes with the kids! Here are some options for your kids! In my style guide (which I deliver after booking a session with me!) it will go into detail about all of this.  It will also help you with some ideas of how to prep the others in your house (husband and kids!) as to the importance of this event for you.  

An easy option for your little boys.  Go with khaki slim pants or slim jeans.  Also don’t skimp on the shoes for little boys.  Just like their dads, shoes will make or break the outfit.  Go with brown close toed dress shoes.  Remember – portrait sessions are totally ok to beg and borrow from friends.  You’ll also want to bribe them into putting a tad bit of gel or wax into their hair.  boys blue buttoned up shirt

For your little girls for the safer bet I’d go with a skirt that looked a little like mom’s.  This color goes really well with your skirt that I picked for you and the creamier colors will look awesome! gold sequins skirt

If you’re feeling a little more bolder I think you could do this for your little girl! I LOVE it! I’d definitely recommend cream colored leggings underneath.  But it’s super fun – especially if you have a spunky girl like me :) I’d definitely pair this top with a light pink top – nothing too dramatic! A cute pair of brown booties will complete the look.  
And remember – if you haven’t scheduled your spring mini-session there are only a FEW SPOTS left


Boys shirt: Button Down Shirt by Cat & Jack Blue Stripes $14.99
Girls skirt #1: Tute skirt Cat and Jack – Cream with Gold Sequins $17.99
Girls skirt #2: Multicolor Xhilaration $14.99

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What to wear to your family portrait mini-session

I wanted to give some spring tips for those of you doing the mini-sessions.  (By the way there are only a few spots left! Sign up before they’re all gone!).  Before I wrote a detailed post for women about what women should wear and you should definitely check it out.  I also provide a detailed style guide when you book a session that give you recommendations for clothing for everyone, location and time of day info, what to bring to your session, and what to expect.  I love this tulle skirt from Charlotte Russe! Tulle texture looks AMAZING in camera.  It provides some different options for posing because it’ll move with you.  And when else will you ever get a chance to wear a tulle skirt?! Best excuse ever…this one is only $27! It totally depends on what you feel most comfortable for top options.  I could never pull off a top like they have in the picture, but you might be able to! Just do whatever you feel best! I love the below top options too.  They also have full sleeved versions of the top if you feel self conscious about your arms.  You’ll definitely need a pair of nude heels to go with this one.  A portrait session is a perfect time to beg and borrow from friends! Something like the heels below will be perfect! Also from CR for $30. I really really believe that you’ll look SO SUPER awesome if you’ll follow my style guide tips! 

One more time – there are only a few mini-sessions spots left! I’m scheduling them anytime before May! 

tulle skirt Charlotte Russe
charlotte Russe zip up blouse

nude heelsSkirt: Tulle Full Midi Skirt $26.99
Blouse: Zip-Front Top $21.99
Shoes: Satin Pointed Heel Pumps $30.99

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Flippen Park in Dallas

I think I referred to Flippen Park as “wedding heaven”. It’s so so so so so so…so so so so so so beautiful! I love the way the photos turned out from John and Stephanie’s wedding.  It is such a beautiful location for the flowers, gazebo and then the fountain pool! There are 30 year old trees and the street that is on both sides have gorgeous Dallas houses.  flippen park gazebo and pool

flippen park fountain dallas

flippen park gazebo
flippen park dallas

Location: Flippen Park.  Recommended for weddings, bridal portraits, and family photos

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Series for the brides: Bridal Style Bag

Weddings are stressful! I’m providing some tips to make your day go smooth.  This is the 3rd in the series.  Be sure to check out the fist about the getting ready shots and another about first looks.

I love photographing wedding details! I’ll have you gather your wedding details beforehand so that I can photograph them before the wedding while I’m also photographing the getting ready shots.   It will be helpful to have your items in a bag for me to grab.   Here are a few things to put in your bridal style bag…

-Wedding invitation
-Save the date
-Bridal shoes
-Bridal jewelry 
-Bridal bouquet
-Personalized gifts for the bridesmaids and or groomsmen
-Swatches of significant lace or fabric
-Heirloom pieces
-Rings (I might photograph them while you’re getting ready and at the reception)

wedding veil

wedding dress

wedding detail

wedding dress hanging

wedding rings on golf course

wedding rings close up
bridal flowers orange

details bridal shoes with flowers

wedding rings details
wedding rings

wedding rings details Also another plug for going the extra distance for that awesome wedding gown shot by purchasing a personalized wedding dress hanging.  There are a ton of options to fit your style.  Here is one of my favorites! 

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Spring Mini Sessions

I officially announced my spring mini sessions! The first time around I listed some great spots around for location choices.  Click here to look at some options if you’re stuck with “the where”! 

spring mini sessions

My schedule is booking up! If you’re interested in securing a spot there are only 5 spots left! After booking you’ll receive my free Style Guide that will help you with clothing, props, location, time of day, what to expect, ect.  It is so helpful! The best time of day is morning or evening around sunrise and sunset.  You’ll get creamy dreamy photos because the light will be really wonderful! 

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Spring Mini Sessions: Official Announcement

mom and daughter laughing

Check out my other post why Spring Mini Sessions are GREAT here and here. There are a variety of great spots for your mini sessions. You can check out recent photo sessions you can consider by clicking on the links below.

Carrollton Homestead Museum
Flippen Park (Dallas)
Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens (fee depending on which garden you choose)
Dallas Arboretum (possible fee)
Carrollton field (off of Marsh Lane and Hebron) 
Myers Park (Celina) 
St. Andrew’s Methodist Church (Carrollton) 

Use the contact form below to grab one of the spots that are left! 


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Series for the brides: First Look

Weddings are stressful! I’m providing some tips to make your day go smooth.  This is the 2nd in the series.  Be sure to check out the fist about the getting ready shots.  

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the term “first look”.  It’s basically the same as seeing each other before the ceremony.  I am a wedding photographer so this may be a little biased towards prioritizing photography, but there are more reasons than just photography to consider doing a first look.  On your wedding day, clients are number one and I really think that by having a first look that your day will go a lot smoother. 

Traditionally couples don’t see each other before the ceremony.  Have you ever thought where this tradition comes from? The tradition comes from when marriages were arranged and the couple were meeting for the first time at the time of marriage.  According to CNN not seeing each other before the ceremony was giving the couple a chance to change their mind about the arranged marriage.  This is a nice way of saying they might change their mind about marriage if they didn’t like the way the other person looked! Yikes! 

Even though that’s not the reason today (!!) you’ll need to decide if you want to do a first look.  Here are just a few reasons I’ve complied for you…

  1.  It makes you less nervous
    I was terrified of everyone looking at me when the doors opened at my wedding! In my experience, most couples are really nervous before the wedding.  It’s not about if they’re getting cold feet, it’s about having all those emotions all together.  I think having a first look calms your nerves because you see each other in a private setting.  There are a lot of details that go into a wedding day.  Depending on your personality there can be a lot of built up anxiety about all the details working together.  Having a first look can organize your day better.  This give you more alone special time with your groom.  Having a first look and seeing your significant other can help you to calm down and have a special moment.  I wanted to see my husband before the ceremony so that we could have a special moment to ourselves and not in front of everyone! 
  2. Less Risky
    There are many things that can go wrong on the wedding day! Planning on a first look puts the timing into your own hands.  I’ve seen it over and over again after the ceremony the bride and groom are excited and tired and just want to get to the ceremony.  Photos they claim they REALLY want beforehand get sidelined and in the end they choose not to do them because they just really want to relax at the reception.  If getting to your cocktail hour quicker sounds more appealing to you,  then a first look is for you! 
  3. It’s still special
    Since you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for forever you’ll want it to be special! You can still have a special moment with your significant other with a first look AND the moment you walk down the aisle.  Many moments of the day will go by in a blur but even if you choose to go a first look, you’ll still remember seeing your significant other when the doors fly open.
  4. More photos! 
    If photos are important to you then I highly recommend the first look! You’ll have more photos and time for more of a variety of photos.  
  5. Time of day
    You’ll definitely want to aim for the best time of day for your photos! I’ll go more into that in a later post.  Typically this means two hours before sun set or 2 hours after the sun rises.  If for some reason this isn’t possible, then you’ll want to factor in lighting situations for your photos.  In some cases the sun will have already set by the time the ceremony is over and you won’t have any sun for your photos! You’ll definitely want to avoid inside photos so to get around this you might consider a first look so that you’ll have enough daylight.  

Enjoy this photos from first looks! The last photo if one of my favorites of a wedding party.  The couple did a first look so there was plenty of time to do more wedding party shots.  

bride and groom flippen park

first look bride and groom

first look bride and groom in forest

first look bride and groom

first look bride and groom

first look bride groom

wedding party

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Series for the brides: Getting ready shots

This is a series that I have.  The second in the series (first looks) can be found here! 

Weddings can be super stressful to plan! Even now with pinterest there is a feeling of planning the PERFECT wedding.  What really matters is planning the perfect wedding for you and your future spouse! I am going to start a series that you can read before you plan anything from a photographers point of view.  Just some things to consider.  I’ve been to countless weddings and so I hope to impart some wisdom to make your wedding day truly stress-free. If you think about these details before hand, I think it will provide you with a seamless day.  Stay tuned for more…

Getting ready shots.  These are the time where you and your girls are getting are prepared for the ceremony.  This usually happens in hotel rooms, homes, church choir rooms, or somewhere like this.  A good general rule to get great photos at this point is to remove clutter.  During my wedding day getting ready shots I jokingly told my bridesmaids “ok, ladies the photographer’s coming in soon for photos.  Let’s get rid of everything ugly. Millie (my best friend) you get under the table”.  ha! I could only tell her that because she literally is drop dead gorgeous.

At this stage you’ll want to put everything that is unsightly out of the way, maybe even delegate someone else to be in charge of this .  You can hide things under tables, under beds, or in the bathroom.  You can get cute matching containers for your girls to put all their stuff in.  This also applies to the guys place they’re getting ready too.  I will get some shots of them getting ready and if they can prepare their room to remove any unsightly things that’d be great too! This also factors choosing more aesthetically pleasing rooms for getting ready. If there is a choice between a room with huge windows verses a room in the back of the church that has hand drawn stencils on the walls, then I’d pick the window room.  When you’re booking a place, always ask to see the rooms they have for you and the groom to get ready. 

In general I try to take things off the walls if it’s disctracting in the getting ready photos.  I try to do this as much as I can and there are some exceptions. One exception is in the bride photo below. There is a cool painting on the wall on the right.  In general, hotels have ugly things hanging on their walls so for better photos, let’s just remove it.  We’ll put it back after! Don’t worry about nails I can remove those later very easily

At this point I also like to take photos of your wedding dress and possibly some part of the groom’s attire.  The photos of your dress on a personalized hanger looks so much better than the hanger that your dress comes with.  Here are some great options to get something like that.  Thank goodness for etsy! 

In planning the getting ready stage I’d also suggest planning for at least two and a half in between getting ready and the time the ceremony starts.  I’ll go into that later but that would give time for the most perfect wedding shots you’ve dreamed for. bride pre ceremony

wedding dress

bride getting ready with mom

mom seeing bride

bride and mom

getting ready pre wedding ceremony

bride getting ready
bride getting make up on
bridesmaid getting gift
bride pre ceremony

bride getting ready One of my favorite personalized wedding dress hangers

I love these personalized bridesmaides gift boxes! 

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Video of engagement session by dhme Dallas

This was SO great! Daryl from dhme Dallas was at Felix and Danielle’s engagement session.  He took such a wonderful video of the session! He’s available for DJ service in the DFW area.  Thank you Daryl for this! 

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Carrollton Engagement: Felix and Danielle

Felix and Danielle had me at “we will do everything you say”! I loved the communication prior to the shoot of details of what the couple were planning on wearing! They followed my style guide (that I give all my clients) perfectly! I was looking forward to their photo shoot the moment they both stepped into the Starbucks and I saw how awesome they looked…even in their Saturday morning Starbucks attire! They totally rocked their engagement session! Don’t they totally look like models!? I always LOVE the last few shots of a photo session because both the couple and photographer feel comfortable with each other but this first shot was literally the first snap I took! A-MAZING…that never happens.  I love how they’ve been together for 6 years! Congratulations you two! I can’t wait to hear about your September Vegas wedding! 

I’m also SUPER looking forward to seeing the VIDEO of our photo session provided by Daryl from Dhme Dallas

couple in front of white house

engagement couple with barn

engagement couple hugging close up

engagement couple flowers

engagement sitting and standing

engagement couple homestead
engagement couple barn formal

engagement ring shot Location: AW Perry Homestead Museum, Carrollton, Texas

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Dallas Wedding: John and Stephanie

Such a pretty wedding to share with you today! As I drove up to Flippen Park (Dallas) my photographer’s heart just melted.  John and Stephanie chose the most beautiful spot for their wedding.  This park is probably a speck on the map but it is a BIG deal.  Rows and rows of different colored azaleas, beautiful kept grass, huge looming 30-year old trees, and then the park is lined with out-of-this world gigantic beautiful Dallas homes.   Usually I care when things like houses are  in such things as wedding photos, but these were out of a bridal magazine.  John and Stephanie had such a laid back personality, it was so stress-less! They really had the perfect wedding for them.  John and Stephanie, congratulations! Wishing you the best, you guys are so happy together! Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me! 

first look bride and groom

bride and groom flippen park

first look bride and groom spring time

detail of groom wedding ceremony

detail of bride gazebo wedding

daughter of bride gazebo wedding

daughters of groom gazebo wedding

detail of gazebo flippen park

bride and daughter
groom and daughters
bride and daughter
husband wife flippen park

wedding rings

Ceremony Location: Flippen Park, Dallas Texas. 

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Wil and Hayleigh: Ft. Worth and Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens

I’m so happy to be looking at these photos! Wil and Haleigh are super sweet and I had such a great time photographing them and their family.  I had never been to a courthouse wedding, and it was so smooth and easy and really really nice.  The Tarant County Courthouse is so beautiful! The judge who married them was so kind, personable, and really cared about his job!  After the courthouse we went to the Botanic Gardens in Ft. Worth and it was so beautiful! There were a billion brides and couples…and for good reason! It’s the cream of the crop location to take photos. Wil and Haleigh are one of the sweetest couples I have met! They met as elementary school teachers….in the same school:) I think I told them they were gorgeous too many times.  But really??? They are! So happy for these two! 

wil haleigh ft worth courthouse

bride in front of greenery

groom in greenery

bride and groom with daughter in spring

promise ring with bokeh

bride and groom laughing Location: Tarrant County Courthouse, Ft. Worth and Botanic Gardens Ft. Worth

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Spring Bloom and Dallas Arboretum: Pechachek

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that this was my first trip to the Dallas Arboretum! We’ve lived here a little over a year and it seemed far and crowded for photographers.  I’ve heard really good things about this place and I’m so glad Susan and Eric decided to have their family photos taken here.  So we all loaded up in one vehicle (save the planet, people!) and blasted Trolls music to appease the kids.  It was also a dreamy overcast day…total light crush for photographers.  The tulips were in bloom and everything was just so nicely perfect and put together! I definitely want to go back by myself on a self-date! The most interesting fact I learned (and I can’t wait to see this!) is Susan and Eric were dance partners in college.  Something like hoedown dancing…ye-haw…something like that (no idea what I’m talking about….it has to do with Texas…I need education in this area people).   I LOVE these!!!! Thank you guys SO very much!!

family of four far away in spring garden

candid kid with spring flowers

girl on bench in garden

couple in tree canopy


Location: Dallas Arboretum

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Spring Photo Sessions

Another plug for Spring Photos! Tomorrow’s the best day – change your clocks back! Earning us a well deserved hour of daylight! Spring is a great great time for family photos that have GREAT color! 

 I’m putting together the information that you’ll need for your family spring session.  There will only be 10 spots available this year for spring mini-sessions.  I have some great projects going on this spring and only have time for 10 mini-sessions.  More daylight means that there will be more available light towards the end of the day! 


1 year baby in spring colors

3 month baby spring

spring maternity with husband

toddler boy in front of field

girl on swing in spring
3 month baby and family photo

family photo in city
family spring by barn

baby boy in city
baby girl in spring sun
boy in spring field
1 year baby pinata with pink

1 year baby upside down
1 year baby in spring

girl in cherry blossoms
senior boy in city

1 year baby spring smash cake

senior boys in city

spring maternity

maternity spring

western modeling

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Elliott Family

I first met Brenda and her family at the photo session.  I could tell immediately that she was friends with another one of my sweet clients! Her kids were so well behaved and seriously genuine laughs came out! So much fun! This location was the set of my fall mini-sessions by First United Methodist Church in Carrollton.  Love the greens and the seclusion of this location.  Mini-sessions are so quick, I hope I get to spend more time with this family soon! 

teenage girl in hat and green

dad and daughter

child with hat

senior boy

Location: First United Methodist Church, Carrollton.  

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Jack, Jules, and Bianca + awesome (simple!) new location

I had been driving by this certain field off of March Lane for some time eyeing it for a portrait session.  I thought that it was private but when I saw that it’s actually owned by the city I was so excited! It’s the perfect simple field for a mini-session.  A great spot for kids who aren’t super mobile.  I had my extra help that day (my son, Phoenix) who was helping get sweet smiles from the kids.  Jack and Jules (baby) gave great feedback to Phoenix’s funny dances and noises.  Bianca was a little more harder to please, but in the end that smile was worth gold! I was extra glad I had his help that day because I had bent down in a HUMONGOUS red ant hill and they were quickly climbing up my jeans.   Luckily I didn’t have to strip (that was going to be plan B) but brushed them off with some baby blankets! A session I’ll never forget – it’s like that session I had where all of us where chased by bees! I also won’t forget this session because the two older kids LOVE throw up sounds so I was basically making throw up sounds the entire time! toddler boy in field

toddler girl in hat no smile

baby girl in field

toddler girl in field with hat

Location: Marsh Lane field near Oak Creek Park

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Spring Photo Sessions

The trees are budding, the birds are happily entertaining our cat, and I have the itch to plant, plant, plant! It’s here!!! Spring! The most wonderful part of spring is Daylight Savings Time – or when it ends, I always have a hard time keeping up with which is which. But I do know that there will be more daylight!! I love the lush greens that the spring brings in.  I’m putting together the information that you’ll need for your family spring session.  There will only be 10 spots available this year for spring mini-sessions.  I have some great projects going on this spring and only have time for 10 mini-sessions.  More daylight means that there will be more available light towards the end of the day! I always have a bit of “jet-lag” those first few days of spring forward, but it really is the best! I love the look of the lush green and colors in spring photos…

spring baby with hoodie

spring child

family with big sky

little girl in spring with hat

baby with colors

family feet pose

family of three with baby kissing

boy and his mom in field

family of three in field

siblings in field with bubbles

toddler in spring

family of 4 in field

mom and baby laughing

girl laughing

senior in doorway

girl on tire swing

family of 3 in spring

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Brian and Christine

Excited to share these goodies today! I love incorporating couples stories into their wedding day photography.  This is the house that Christine lived in when her and Brian started dating.  For some reason I love yellow houses!

couple with yellow house

close up bride

Wedding day details…
wedding lanturn down asile

The fall colors were so beautiful! close up brideCongratulations Brian and Christine! wedding ceremony in church

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Skip the school photos

I felt freedom when Phoenix brought home his school photos form and it actually had an option to choose “I do not want my child photographed”. HOORAY! He asked what he should say if they asked why…I think I listed about three very snobby (and sarcastic) answers to give, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t say any of them.  But I was able to bribe him into wearing sweats on “picture day” so that later on in the week I could have him wear nice clothes that I picked out for a real photo.  The deal was also in wetting down his hair, he obliged.  As I say in my style guide I give to all my clients – I LOVE the lighter colors for clothing.  They make the photograph brighter and dreamier:) 

I had a real hard time convincing him to not show too much of his very new “one less tooth” smile, but it made for good memories and documentation. It’s so cute too!!!

Adelaide does whatever her brother does. She usually isn’t too hard to convince to do things, but in this case she was in tears! It was windy and cold and she was all frowns.  The tears are coming…

See?? All frowns, hilarious!  I’m getting this one over my mantle.

 So the moral of the story is: just say no to school pictures.  Schedule a mini Spring shoot!! Details to come…

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The Almost Family Reunion (Baxter Family)

I call this the almost family reunion because I think family reunions are technically when family comes from far away to see each other when they haven’t seen each other in a while.  Totally not this case (they all live close!) but with this many families coming together it felt that way.  This was such a fun location and I LOVE how everyone dressed, I think I kept saying that over and over again.  Perfect example of how to dress for your family photo shoot.  Every year the grandparents and kids with their grandkids come together to get this one shot and this year they wanted the shot and then some more.  I hope these photos bring you many happy memories for years to come! I really do think that getting photos taken help us love and appreciate our families a little more – and everyone could use a little of that in their lives.  Thank you guys so much!










baxterwebsite-75Location: Myers Park & Event Center in Celina.

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Happy Sweet 16 Esha!

Happy sweet 16, Esha! Turning 16 is a big deal and Esha had a really fun party for her friends.  This was fun and you get photos to remember this special time! It’s much more relaxing to hire a photographer and enjoy the moment yourself than to worry about getting all the photos you want to remember this special time. Happy Birthday! 







Thank you so much for letting me apart of your special day! 

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Thomas Christmas

It really is special when I get to photograph a family over and over.  It helps to know the kids to get them to open up to me! These are some shots of the Thomas’ kids that I’ve photographed before for their Christmas photos.  Thank you!!! 





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